The Team

The brains behind the project
Our Values
Education is important. Quality education is invaluable.

There’s no question about it. We at GradeAssess believe that the delivery of quality education is vital. So we have created this advanced testing and assessment system and have made it available to those at every level of education and learning environment—elementary, junior high, high school, homeschool, independent learners. All you need is a device with Internet connection and you will instantly be equipped with the tools you need. Whether you are a student, teacher, or administrator of an institution, you will be able to use GradeAssess to efficiently and effectively achieve your academic goals.

We want to equip students for a better tomorrow.

The GradeAssess family believes that our students are the future. Thus, our goal is to provide the best educational opportunities for the next generation. We believe that every student deserves access to quality education, so we have made our program affordable and accessible to anyone interested in rapidly improving his or her academic performance. Our site and program is optimized for any browser and any device, so you can have instant assessment at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

We value partnership.

The movement for access to quality education cannot be done alone. It takes teams of dedicated people to make these dreams a reality. That is why GradeAssess is partnered with the top professors, instructors, and programmers available to achieve and maintain the highest of standards. We understand the continuous progression and advancement in education, so we are constantly seeking advice and partnerships from the top minds across the world. We also understand that wisdom comes from a variety of sources, so if you have any comments, questions, or advice please contact us at We are eager to hear from you.

Jason Song
  • Vidquik Incorporated – Co-Founder and VP of Business Development
  • Illuminique Incorporated – President and Founder
  • Blue Global Business Incorporated – Vice President
  • Alicia Incorporated – Branch Manager
Jae Song
Co-founded Vidquik with Jason. Former CEO at CoupFund Inc., where he connected nonprofits to discount sales. Also former President at Gentle Heart are. Responsible for overseeing our technology as a whole, including platform updates.
John Oberg
Advisor & future CRO
Held National Sales roles with Pearson and Interactive Achievement, two industry leaders. Before that, served as Director of Education Partnerships at Solution Tree. Has full reign over sales and our sales team.