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GradeAssess is your partner in preparing for standardized tests. With so many prep books and resources available, we chose not to reinvent the wheel, but rather to extract the most out of those resources by providing instant and detailed analysis on practice test performance. Doing great in math but struggling with reading comprehension? With GradeAssess, you can focus on the specific areas and skills that need more work, rather than mindlessly taking one practice test after another and seeing little to no progress. Our Knowledge Branch, which breaks down all of the skills tested on each assessment, will guide you in what to study and make the most out of your limited time.

To take a standardized test in GradeAssess, simply obtain a physical book that is listed in our system (e.g. Barron’s, Kaplan, Princeton Review) and submit your answers online—like an online Scantron but much more powerful. Once you submit your answers, we’ll provide the rest and instantly get you started on your journey to achieving your academic goals.

The following concepts below are the backbone of the SAT Knowledge Branches, based off of College Board©’s guidelines for the redesigned SAT released in 2016. Our Knowledge Branch also makes it possible to generate accurate subscores for each subject that you wouldn’t get from a regular prep book.

Heart of Algebra

This category pertains to algebra skills pertaining to variables, variable expressions, and linear graphs, equations, and inequalities.

Passport to Advanced Math

This category dives into more advanced math that often shows up in Algebra 2. These include radicals, rational equations, exponents, functions, quadratics, polynomials, and factoring.

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

This category contains all types of analyzing and interpreting data – in bar graphs, line graphs, scatterplots, and tables. It also covers concepts of relative frequency such as percent, proportions, ratios, rates, and probability. Lastly, it includes a section for statistics which covers both calculating descriptive statistics and statistical comprehension.

Additional Topics in Math

There are additional topics to the SAT that are crucial to know. These include complex numbers, geometry, and trigonometry.

Word Problems

At GradeAssess, we understand that numerical math problems don’t feel the same when put into word problems. That is why we believe it is important to specifically identify performance on word problems and practice comprehension of what is being asked.

Concept Categories

The SAT Reading section will prompt students to utilize certain skills which are organized in this portion of the SAT Reading Knowledge Branch. These include analyzing details of the text, comparing and contrasting ideas within the text, summarizing to reflect understanding of the main idea, and vocabulary comprehension based on context.

Source Material Genre

The genre of the text you are reading may have a significant impact on your performance based on your familiarity with the style of writing, subject, and vocabulary. So we have categorized each question into its respective genre to account for this factor.

Source Material Type

There are three different types of passages that show up on the SAT Reading section: graphs/figures/tables, paired passages, and single passages. The types of questions asked for each are different and we see a pattern among the questions within each passage type, so we believe it is important to categorize questions in this manner as well.

Key Concepts Branch

The SAT Writing section focuses on understanding of certain writing and grammar concepts which are organized in this portion of the SAT Writing Knowledge Branch.

Form Class Words

These include different types of adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and verbs.


This category focuses on the language and delivery of the text, testing understanding of language use, developing an idea, and organizing sentences to create a cohesive statement.

Structure Class Words

These include different types of auxiliaries, conjunctions, determiners, prepositions, and pronouns.


This category focuses on the practical structure of sentences such as punctuation and proper sentence formation.

Question Type Branch

This part of the Knowledge Branch is comprised of categories that distinguish questions between three types and generate data to calculate accurate predictions of official College Board subscores.

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