Check out GradeAssess’ unique features that will enhance your learning!

We have engineered the following features because we believe that they are game-changers in studying and assessment. They save time, energy, and brainpower for both students and educators. Why do all of the thinking when we have unique tools to help you exceed?

Internal Testing Engine

Take a test directly on our user-friendly interface and get everything done within GradeAssess. No need to install any software or purchase additional accessories*; we have the materials you need to assess your knowledge and move forward. GradeAssess is also compatible with any device and browser so you can even take tests on your phone!

*Prep books for standardized tests not included.

All-inclusive Platform

For general subjects such as math and language arts, we have premade diagnostic tests for students to take so you don’t have to pay extra for materials or workbooks. Choose from our wide and ever-expanding array of assessments to get as much practice as possible and collect cumulative data on your actual proficiency.

Student Performance Analysis

This feature allows the student to be thoroughly examined and generates a report for them to see their results quickly and easily—including the Knowledge Branch, Time Analysis, and Difficulty Level. The student can see in detail how they compare to their grade or to the national average. Their weaknesses and strengths are charted so they can raise their score by targeting certain areas of study.

What is a Knowledge Branch?

The Knowledge Branch is a breakdown of the curriculum and educational standards used by each test. It diagrams a student’s results by breaking the test down from topic to sub-topic.

What does it do?

It exposes inaccuracies at the core fundamental level, isolating the exact issues.

Helpful to all

Knowledge Branch allows for easy access to view test results in over 50 essential concepts, tracing down to the individual building blocks and exposing a student’s weakness at the most basic level. It also saves parents and tutors an immense amount of time and resources by pinpointing the needs of the student immediately.

Skill Analysis

Skill Analysis reveals students’ capabilities and inadequacies at certain skills found on the Trademarked Knowledge Branch. By analyzing and comparing multiple tests, students can observe patterns in their performance and focus in on specific weak skillsets. They can see their level of proficiency for each skill over one or multiple tests and track progress in skill improvement. Advance rapidly and improve scores quickly by detailing and developing student skillsets.

Difficulty Level

Our reports display a graphic analysis of the correlation between a student’s performance and the Difficulty Level of a question. By using data collected from all of our test-takers, the true Difficulty Level of any question can be accurately identified. Finding your level proficiency has never been easier.