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What is GradeAssess?

GradeAssess is an online assessment program that takes test scores and translates it to actionable data.

Based on performance on our assessments, GradeAssess will highlight areas in which a student is exceptional or lacking. The more tests you take, the more accurate the information and the more complete the picture of how you’re really performing. Using this data, you can target your studies to focus on the areas in which you are lacking and keep using GradeAssess to track progress. This is beneficial for students who do not have access to costly resources and must do independent studying, or for parents and educators who wish to enhance learning for their students. We made our program so that you can start and finish your journey of academic growth with us.

Why GradeAssess?
  • Reliable content created by educational experts
  • Easy to use anywhere with any device
  • Test-taking engine in GradeAssess
  • Extensive database of tests
  • Get instant test scores and results
  • Compare your performance between multiple exams
  • Get an accurate evaluation by the Knowledge Branch
  • Informative and detailed analyses
  • Know exact weaknesses and strengths
  • Target studies
Improve your score and enjoy learning!
We are here for all

GradeAssess is not merely a tool to help studying—it is the guide on what to study. Our program accurately assesses strengths and weaknesses by using an advanced testing engine and providing detailed analyses on a student’s performance. Simply log in, take a test, see your instant reports, and tailor your studying so that you spend your time wisely and ensure the quickest improvement.

Our innovative program also accurately gauges ability, compares performance, and evaluates your performance alongside your class or the national average. Whether you are looking to bump up your score by a few extra points, ramp up your test performance, or just overcome low confidence in test-taking, GradeAssess gives you the resources necessary to progress quickly and meet your goals.

For Parents or Tutor

GradeAssess calls for parents and educators to partner up with us in providing quality education. Using our program, you can measure test performance and monitor progress of your students and children, and even evaluate them alongside data collected from other students and other schools across the whole nation. Our features allow you to map aptitude and progression, providing customized guidance on how to best address your child or student’s specific needs. If you teach a class, our data can serve as a guide on how your students are doing as a whole so that you can cater to the majority without losing a grasp on individual progress.

As educators and supporters of the next generation, we believe that you ought to be equipped with everything you need to save time and resources so that you get to focus on delivering quality education and individual care. Better equipped teachers and parents will undoubtedly yield measurable and rapid improvement in their students or children.

Home School Community

Homeschools? We’ve got your back. By using GradeAssess, homeschool educators can have the confidence of knowing that they are teaching the correct information and having an impact in the improvement of their child or student. We have created a curriculum that focuses on setting a strong foundation and scaffolding learning so that children build up their knowledge over time. Strengthen your child or student’s foundation and give them confidence to conquer exams and take on more challenging concepts.

GradeAssess offers a variety of discounts to homeschools and is committed to making teaching easier for all parents and instructors. Always save money and time, and gain confidence with GradeAssess.

To inquire about GradeAssess’ discount please contact us at contact@gradeassess.com.